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Our mission

Trendspek is paving a new normal for
asset inspections, management and reporting.


The challenge with traditional reporting

The Operate & Maintain phase (O&M) of the asset lifecycle requires stakeholders to optimise performance of the asset while managing risk, which is the primary driver to conduct routine inspections and maintenance.

However, understanding asset condition has been challenging for decades. This is because organisations have to make critical decisions based on outdated, limited or inconsistent information via 2D reports or the human eye.

The problems we're facing include:

bullet-icon Ageing infrastructure assets
bullet-icon Increased costs and liability
bullet-icon Resource shortages
bullet-icon Outdated processes
bullet-icon Increase safety risks

Faced with these challenges, we're working with a community of asset owners who are looking to do things differently.

Trendspek is transforming asset management with a digital solution that is evidence-led, scalable and resource-lite.

With our industry-leading 3D software and virtual reporting capabilities, we're giving asset owners the power to digitise their assets to optimise their performance, lifespan and safety.

All without having to leave their desks.

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Digital 3D reporting to minimise risks and maximise certainty

With Trendspek's interactive 3D replicas of your assets, you can complete critical maintenance steps online, rather than on-site.

Monitor your assets at scale, and leverage advanced tools to complete visual assessments and reporting from your computer.

What drives us? Helping asset owners to minimise risks across their full asset lifecycle.

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Digitally manage assets
bullet-icon Reporting (Engineering, Capital Planning, ESG, Risk Management)
bullet-icon Tendering and Repairs
bullet-icon Maintenance
bullet-icon QA
bullet-icon Trend Monitoring
Reduce corporate risk
bullet-icon Safety
bullet-icon Financial
bullet-icon Reputation
bullet-icon Liability
bullet-icon Organisational
Optimise performance
bullet-icon Human and asset efficiency
bullet-icon Control costs and maximise returns
bullet-icon Improve asset lifespan
bullet-icon Minimise disruptions (shutdowns, tenant, suppliers)

Who we are

Trendspek was founded in 2018 by former commercial pilots Derek Feebrey, Fiona Church and Mitch Deam.

Inspired by drone technology and a growing demand for safer inspection methods, we embarked on a mission to build a platform that would revolutionise how assets are managed and change the status quo.

And so, Trendspek's Precision Asset Intelligence was born.

Pioneering a new era of innovation, Trendspek’s cloud-based software platform is today used globally by over 2000 industry leaders and counting and has set a new standard for rapid asset capture and high-fidelity 3D asset models.

Our founding story

Our company values

We have humility

We put our egos aside to listen to every perspective equally.

We are hungry

We create solutions to maximise impact, and we are motivated to grow something bigger than ourselves.

We have empathy

We listen without making assumptions to understand and solve your problems. We provide simple and accessible answers.

We have integrity

We strive to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. We deliver as promised, carefully and honestly managing expectations.

We are united

We have fun and laugh together, winning as a team and celebrating victories.