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Property & Commercial inspections

Minimise risk and manage property portfolios with confidence with Trendspek's tech-driven inspections.

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Managing property assets includes the challenging logistics of regular onsite inspections – either working at heights, or in unsafe environments. Trendspek allows for faster, more cost-effective inspections and maintenance planning.

Trendspek’s leading Precision Asset Intelligence software reduces the complexity of property asset management, providing rapid capture of every angle of your asset, to enable inspection, reporting, even quoting, with real certainty.

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Asset condition in high-fidelity 3D

Accurately track the condition of your property asset, maximise lifetime value, and produce evidence-based asset management plans, with Trendspek.

Safely capture every aspect of your asset, and get the detail you need to confidently make decisions that align with your business or client’s strategic priorities.

Faster defect detection

Trendspek offers endless advantages to property asset managers, enabling better planning and monitoring of developments, more informed stakeholder engagement and targeted inspection of hard-to-reach asset surfaces for faster defect detection.

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Faster, cost-effective maintenance

Take strategic maintenance planning to new heights with Trendspek’s detailed asset data. Enable contractors to virtually walk around the asset, exploring every corner, crack and crevice, in high-resolution, to produce accurate estimates and proposals for maintenance.

Monitor defects and changes in condition to empower more informed maintenance planning, and conduct close review of works to eliminate deviation from plans and ensure maintenance is carried out to the highest of standards.

Due diligence and ESG

Due diligence done well is meticulous. View every façade of your property asset, easily identify defects and flaws, and highlight areas of opportunity – all before lawyers get involved – with detail recorded to the millimetre, on Trendspek.

Make crucial decisions early to minimise cost and risk, and capitalise on every opportunity.

Improve your environmental performance reducing the need for physical site visits, transportation of workers, or the operation of heavy machinery.

Improving resilience and CapEx planning

Greater asset intelligence empowers organisations to better predict and prevent failures, reduce materials wastage, plan smarter construction and increase asset lifespan.

Track the condition of your asset over time, and project required future works, by drawing on an unprecedented level of data, accessible in your Trendspek Precision Reality Twin.

More accurately budget for investment in property assets across accounting periods, and predict future value with digitised property asset models and reports.

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Safely inspecting PGIM heritage facades

Trendspek partners with PGIM to provide Precision Reality Twins of buildings in Sydney and Brisbane that enable the early detection of faults or defects that may impact the company’s decision to purchase, long before the lawyers are brought in.

Shape-orange-14 Days to capture: 2 days
Shape-orange-14 Days to model: 24 hours
Shape-orange-14 Data points/quality: 20 million+
Shape-orange-14 Cost saving: 60%+

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