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Meet Trendspek’s founding team

From the cockpit to cutting-edge tech: a journey of transformation

A flying start for Trendspek

Every business has an origin story – a story designed to show you how grounded and down to earth its leaders truly are. Every business… except this one.

Trendspek was founded in 2018 by former commercial pilots Derek Feebrey, Fiona Church and Mitch Deam.

Inspired by the unlimited power of drone technology and a growing customer demand for safer inspection methods, our three co-founders embarked on a mission to revolutionise property and infrastructure industries to deliver more safety, precision and efficiency. And so, Trendspek's Precision Asset Intelligence platform was born.

Trendspek minimises the need for dangerous asset capture, and through secure collaboration, in-model mark up, measurement and interactive reporting, enables you to manage your asset, your way, without ever leaving your desk.

Pioneering a new era of innovation, Trendspek’s cloud-based software platform is today used globally by over 2000 industry leaders and counting, and has set a new standard for rapid asset capture and high-fidelity 3D asset models.

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Our trajectory

We’re on a mission to make inspections across industry sectors safer, more efficient and more cost-effective.

We use drone capture to deliver the most detailed and accurate models, support them with the most innovative software, and empower asset managers with certainty across all assets, anywhere in the world.


Our partners

We're proud to be partnering with leading global organisations to challenge the status quo. Together, we're setting a new standard when it comes to routine inspections across assets including better monitoring, better reporting, better maintenance planning and, above all, better safety.


What our customers say


Better. From every angle.

At Trendspek, we understand the importance of assets, because to us, our clients are our most valuable assets. We have worked in
close partnership with some of the world’s biggest asset management companies, delivering our service, their way.

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